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Membership Descriptions:

Regular Provider Member: Regular Provider (“Provider” or “Provider Member”) membership shall be available to individuals, companies, contractors, and other entities who provide community care products and/or services directly or indirectly to recipients of home- and community-based services, the recipients of whom may otherwise seek such products or services, but do so solely or substantially because they receive home- and community-based services. Power to determine Regular Membership versus Associate Membership shall be vested solely in the Board of Directors.

Associate Member: Associate membership (“Associate” or “Associate Member”) shall be available to an individual or entity marketing ancillary services or products. Such members may be practicing or studying in a related field, or serving the best interests of the Association and community care recipients; and, such definitions shall be related to optional or necessary products or services based on consumer choice or need or utilized by clients of or Regular Provider Members in the provision of its services, and being necessary for quality service related to community care. Examples may include but are not limited to: insurance; structural (housing) maintenance, e.g., lawn care and other products or services that typically may be used by individuals not receiving community care and whose services are as likely or more likely to be related to periodic sales and service to the general population. Small independent contractors may apply as Associate Members if each is providing its qualifying product or service under the auspices of a Regular Member, and dues may be determined based on the aggregate of the contractor and its sponsoring Regular Member, subject to approval by the board of Directors.

Political Action Committee (PAC):

What is a PAC? Political Action Committee (PAC) is a type of organization that pools campaign contributions from members and donates those funds to campaign for or against candidates, ballot initiatives, or legislation.

Why is your donation important? PAC donations are used throughout the year to support political candidates in Georgia who assist our Organization in the implementation of legislation impacting our industry. The GACCP Legislative Committee strategically works with Legislators to education and influence policy and funding implementation. GACCP is not affiliated or connected with any particular party, but works with those willing to support our cause.

Dues Structure:

The dues structure is based on the honor system. The tier structure is based on projected annual revenue and not projected billing. We want to encourage you to choose the highest category your agency can support with four (4) tiers to choose from for Provider (Agency) Membership.


The Georgia Association of Community Care Providers (GACCP) represents health care providers actively participating in Georgia Medicaid Waiver Programs such as ICWP, CCSP/SOURCE, NOW, and COMP Waivers.  The association provides networking and educational opportunities, exclusive benefits, and public policy representation with the Georgia Executive and Legislative Branches.

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