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The Georgia Association of Community Care Providers (GACCP) - Private Home Care Provider (PHCP) Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Competency Test is approved by the State of Georgia, Department of Human Resources, Office of Regulatory Services. [See PHCP Rules Sec. 290.5-54-.09(5)(c)]

Conditions of Use

The test is FREE to any GACCP Provider Member to use during the calendar year for which the GACCP PHCP MEMBERS dues are current.

For Private Home Care Providers which are NOT MEMBERS, the test may be purchased online from GACCP.

The GACCP PCA Test and Personal Care Nurse Observer Guidelines and Study Guide document are Copyrighted and Property of GACCP. Unauthorized use will be dealt with according to applicable laws. Any PHCP using this test agrees to abide by the conditions of use herein, or as may be later established.

PUB R092001 Copyright 2002, Georgia Association of Community Care Providers (GACCP)

PCA Test Overview

The PCA Test consists of three parts: Part 1 – Written Examination and Parts 2 & 3 – Practical Tests. To view the Personal Care Nurse Observer Guidelines and Study Guide, click here.

  • Part 1. Written Examination: Online test consisting of 100 questions with a passing score of 80 correct answers (80%). Certificate with test score available upon completion.
  • Part 2. Practical Test – Activity Page: Consists of 14 items on one page, including 3 optional items, to be used depending on the provider’s needs. Each item is either a Pass or Fail. This part needs to be administered by a RN or LPN. (Providers may pass the PCA on the non-optional items, and complete any optional item later, and update the Part 2 form.)
  • Part 3. Practical Test – Personal Care Observation Page: Consists of 5 Personal Care Activities. This part also needs to be administered by a RN or LPN. There are no optional items in this part.

To begin testing, GACCP members may provide access to employees by first inviting them to create a member login. Non-members may purchase access to the test. After completing the test, the test taker will have the option to print, download, or email their results. We encourage you to request the individuals you are extending the test to for them to share their results with you. For assistance, please contact director@gaccp.org.

Please note: With the transition of our website, we have also transitioned to a new testing platform for the PCA test. The functionality is not the same as what we previously had, and we recognize the loss of some functionality may not be ideal. Members extending invitations to current/potential employees are not able to see test results, test statuses, or print certificates. This also applies to tests taken prior to the website transition.

Note: GACCP can only provide certificates from tests taken and passed within 5 years of the date of request.


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